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Jane Metcalfe reflects on her two Open Letters to, and replies from, Helen Pitcher, Chair, CCRC

After two replies (see below) to my Open Letters (see here and here) to Helen Pitcher, Chair, CCRC, I don`t feel there is too much to more to add at this time.

I am grateful the Chair of the CCRC, Helen Pitcher, even engaged with me about this tragic case and I am aware that if I go on too much right now that I might perhaps undo the good I have tried to do.

It is plain that there is more than enough evidence, new, fresh, that has been shared on this website and in the media for a blind man on a galloping horse to see clearly that this case should and must be referred.

The Open Letters showed a plethora of facts and new evidence supporting Robin`s innocence, so it’s a little scary when I read `...there`s nothing in what you say…`.

I`m not sure what it is the CCRC need to see before they consider a referral, because the vast amounts of overwhelming evidence that screams for a referral blows my mind and many others, so I cannot for the life of me understand why it`s not blowing minds at the CCRC.

I`m disappointed that my pleading for a meeting came to nothing and it troubles me that the CCRC seem so very resistant to change to becoming much more open. It is as if ‘us’ and ‘them’ are speaking a different language and they can`t (or won`t) hear us. It feels like the genuine applicants (and their supporters) are just white noise.

All we want is for the CCRC to be the best it can be and open its doors and hearts and not be satisfied that they have only referred 800 cases out of 30 odd thousand applications over 26 years, which is a drop in the ocean of the tragedy that is the devastating world of wrongful convictions.

I heard this saying recently and it rings true for me/us: “I know I sound like an old record but I make no apologies for harping on.” Defending an innocent man who is so wrongfully convicted and imprisoned seems to me like something worth fighting for. I don`t doubt if it were the husband, son, brother or friend of a member of the staff at the CCRC or its Chair they, too, would be shouting from the roof tops too and be demanding change alongside us/me.

The people at the top with all the power need to open their eyes and re-think their idea of what truth and justice really is.

I live in hope, but for now I`ll leave them to get on with it and keep hoping and praying that they do the right thing and refer Robin Garbutt’s wrongful conviction back to the Court of Appeal and start a meaningful investigation into who killed his beloved wife, Diana.

Reply to Jane Metcalfe's first Open Letter to Helen Pitcher, Chair, CCRC

Reply to Jane Metcalfe's second Open Letter to Helen Pitcher, Chair, CCRC

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