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Why CCRC Watch was set up and its aims

CCRC Watch: Can we transform the current miscarriages of justice ‘lapdog’ into a genuine ‘watchdog’ body that can truly assist innocent...

Not Fit For Purpose

Mr. Olagunju This article embodies extracts from my recently published book: Justice? No Chance! A True Story Of  Perjury And Injustice....

Forensic evidence: The fox guards the chickens

The case of Andy Malkinson highlights a serious problem in the criminal justice system, that of the police seizing and having control...

Is the CCRC addicted to issuing false statements?

"There are so many falsehoods in that brief statement it is hard to know where to begin." On the same day that CCRC Watch highlighted...

Innocence Art and the Art of Innocence

'Andy Malkinson' by Sean Bw Parker Introduction The purpose of this article is to formally launch the Innocence Art project under the...

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