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False Allegations Watch (FAW) is an Empowering the Innocent (ETI) project that was set up by Dr Michael Naughton, a leading academic expert on miscarriages of justice and the wrongful conviction and imprisonment of innocent victims. He has considered false allegations of rape or child sexual abuse (CSA) in a number of academic books, peer-reviewed academic articles and other publications. Dr Naughton also has a wealth of experience in terms of practical engagements with alleged wrongful convictions in his roles as Founder and Director of Innocence Network UK (INUK) and of the University of Bristol Innocence Project. 
Building on this body of work and direct experiences with alleged innocent victims false allegations of rape or child sexual abuse, False Allegations Watch (FAW) was launched in September 2022.
False Allegations Watch (FAW) is Edited by Sean Bw Parker, himself an alleged innocent victim of a false allegation of rape. You can read about Sean's case on CCRC Watch (click here).

False Allegations Watch (FAW) features articles which centre on alleged false allegations, charges or wrongful convictions for sexual offences.

False Allegations Watch (FAW) also features articles on the wider context within which false allegations of sexual offences can occur, including the legislation, policies and/or cultures that can act to facilitate or enable such false allegations to be made. 

False Allegations Watch (FAW) contributes to Empowering the Innocent's (ETI) aim to give voice to alleged innocent victims of wrongful convictions. In so doing, it highlights the limitations and/or outright failings of the existing structures, cultures and/or procedures of the criminal justice system, criminal appeals system and the CCRC. This contributes to fostering public support as a precursor to criminal justice reforms to prevent wrongful convictions or allow for them to be overturned when they do occur. 

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