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Burning Down The House: Stanko Called Out

L to R: Stephen House; Betsy Stanko

Supposedly objective, taxpayer-funded ideological activists at Channel 4 News have had a meltdown about ex Metropolitan Police Chief Stephen House allegedly saying in January 2022 that most rape complaints in the UK are actually situations of 'regretted sex'.

Though Mr House denies using these exact words, approximately 66,000 out of 68,000 annual allegations receive No Further Action from the police. New research from the Nuffield Foundation has found that far from rape conviction statistics going down, they've in fact been going up for the last fifteen years. While the two alleged offences are often married in the public mind, there are not 66,000 alleged murders left undealt with. The campaigning editors and journalists at Channel 4 News and their ilk created this situation.

By extending the scope of rape to seemingly include all manner of sexual assaults in a gradual expansion over the past two decades, it is they who are most responsible for 'decriminalising rape', if that is what these figures imply. This last term was coined by ex Victims Commissioner (and veteran power feminist) Dame Vera Baird, her contact unrenewed by Justice Secretary Dominic Raab recently.

The actual guidance about what is rape and what is regretful sex actually comes from the Crown Prosecution Service; one is an offence, the other, however controversial or contested, isn’t. Met Police Deputy Commissioner Dame Lynne Owens said:

"[House's] comments included in the Operation Soteria Bluestone report are wholly unacceptable. We recognise that they risk further undermining the confidence of victims to come forward and that is deeply regrettable”.

The name Operation Soteria has an uncanny resemblance to that of Soteria Solutions, the US for-profit company responsible for charging legions of students with sexual assault in that country since the Title IX decree was activated by Joe Biden in 2011.

House was subsequently referred to the Independent Office of Police Conduct, all the while denying that he'd uttered such factually accurate observations. FASO, the Falsely Accused Support Organisation, said:

“Is the cat out of the bag? That the Police and Government know that the “bulk” of “rape cases” are in fact cases of regretful sex? Could it be that hundreds of alleged rapists are in prison because people like Betsy Stanko (of Soteria Bluestone) have decided that “regretful sex” could impact the financial bottom line of Soteria Inc. and must therefore be charged with rape?"

We would be pleased if Betsy Stanko:

(i) disclose her financial interests in Soteria;

(ii) state whether there are instances of alleged victims who have admitted “regretful sex” in the past; and,

(iii) disclose whether some alleged victims have used the rape allegation to cover up “infidelity” and or “one night stands”. We think we know the answers already.”

FAW guest writer, US-based Claire Best has extensively detailed the connections between sexual assault allegations and big business interests in the #MeToo era (including but not limited to Biden's Democrat Party).

Kathy Newman of C4 News and ideologue MP Caroline Nokes made a big deal about being “horrified” over the claims - but horrified about what? A policeman telling the truth? This story has nothing to do with disgraced ex-PC's David Carrick or Wayne Couzens, but the so-called progressive mainstream media continue to conflate them, deliberately escalating public fear and suspicion. As Met officer of thirty years standing Neil Basu said in a recent interview with Danny Shaw, one monster doesn't make a force of them.

FASO again:

"It is time that Betsy Stanko proves with evidence that what she is asserting is backed up rigorous facts and figures and peer reviewed by independent bodies. Clearly either Betsy Stanko or Sir Stephen House (and the wider Police Force) is lying."

Let the games begin.

By Sean Bw Parker

Please let us know if you think that there is a mistake in this article, explaining what you think is wrong and why. We will correct any errors as soon as possible.

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