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False Allegations, Corruption and Lies: The Story of Malik Nasser Younis

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

I was falsely accused, arrested and imprisoned on six counts of rape and one of keeping an indecent picture of a child, all of which were disproven. Two weeks before my trial, I was released from prison, after serving 10 months, and I was totally exonerated.

I am a totally innocent man. I have had my life destroyed, my career as a business law student ruined and have lost my house. I had to move hundreds of miles away and have not seen my kids for over two years - while the criminals live a peaceful life.


In 2016, my two brothers were seriously assaulted, and I received death threats.

Thames Valley Police ignored mountains of evidence including injuries recorded by the hospital, witness statements etc.

I made a complaint against the officer JS who gave the criminals a ‘No Further Action’ status.

March 2017, a time when police disclosure officers were in disrepute, when a parliamentary committee was set up related to failures in disclosure of evidence in alleged rape cases and when the famous case of innocent Liam Allan (an Oxford student) where police hid thousands of messages supporting his innocence.

I was also an Oxford business law student and was charged with one count of indecent picture of a child and six counts of rape of a minor. I was placed on remand for ten months - then they dropped the case because we demanded more disclosure to prove motive. They did a U-turn stating no evidence of any charges.

This was broadcast by Sky TV, my business law career as a student thus ruined. My house was smashed up by the drug dealers who set me up, I had to leave town away from my kids, and social services destroyed my life by pressuring my wife for being with me. She is now my ex-wife but knows I'm not like that and supported me throughout.

My plea for support to Nazir Afzal OBE

My questions were/are as follows:

  • Why did the disclosure officer JS give those who assaulted my brothers nine months prior, and where the evidence was vast exceeding the evidential test, not build a case, and gave the aggressors a status of no further action?

  • Why did the conflict of interest go unchallenged?

  • Why nine months later did the officer bring a case of rape targeting me, while also being the disclosure officer who hid evidence of the link showing that the complainant was related to those who assaulted my brothers months beforehand?

  • Why did the inspectors who interviewed me refuse to listen to my statement - while being interviewed that those guys who assaulted my brothers were behind it - for me to later discover them by name as the claimant's associates in social services logs? (Coincidentally it was the disclosure officer who NFA'ed them for assaulting my brothers a year beforehand, hiding the evidence. I also had formal complaints against him).

  • Why did the court transcript evidence of these complainants copying cases of each other from years prior go unnoticed?

  • Why did the man whose number plate was provided not get questioned as part of the investigation?

  • Why did the fact that I had sold the car two years prior to the claim that I had used it to lure the complainant into, go unnoticed?

  • Why was it claimed by a teenager that I was 6ft tall when in reality I'm 5ft 4, and was 33 years old at the indictment period?

  • Why was there no discovery of social media contacts, and why were the contacts of the phone - which was contrary of the claimants' claims - not taken seriously?

  • Why was the Viper procedure ID parade conducted by camcorder?

  • Why was the communication between the officer conducting the viper electronic ID parade and the disclosure officer redacted and not supplied by the disclosure officer himself, and still redacted till this day?

  • Why did the complainant post on her Facebook page months prior the words: “The Kingfisher team make you say what they want you to say"?

  • Why was I allowed to be charged with having an indecent picture of a child and raping a minor six times with ZERO evidence?


In June/July 2016 I had posted an exposé of a mosque leader on social media - who is also a town councillor - of him paying a prostitute hush money to not release a video of them both.

A few people made posts, but my particular post was more impactful, stating we had shameful people in our community leadership. This was in line with my recent decision to leave Islam as a religion.

Immediately, I was inundated with threats to kill by the sons of the councillor who are prominent heroin dealers in the town.

I recorded calls, made notes of times and made reports to police.

One evening my two brothers were present on the same street where the councillor lived and more than ten males - of whom one was a paid hitman from Birmingham - seriously assaulted them where they were both knocked unconscious and had to be taken to hospital.

My friend CW was present and ended up taking them one by one to hospital.

CW then came and got me, and I proceeded to go towards the hospital. This is where the car was stopped, and I was arrested for no reason.

I was questioned at the police station and made to look like an aggressor when there was no need to do this. An armed unit was present.

The officer was detective constable JS, who interviewed me without an official format, as he extracted information by pen. I was then passed to a PC who while interviewing me heard calls coming in and threats to kill - and the number from which it was coming.

Two months later, I discovered that JS had given the case no investigation, ignored the injuries of which some received after care including cuts to skin, fractured eye sockets and broken noses. The case was given NFA status.

I made formal complaints to the local resolution team and a police inspector took the position. He would only request to meet me in police headquarters car parks and never in an official setting. He later concluded there was no evidence of a serious assault and no misconduct had occurred.

I made complaints to the Chief Constable's office and was met with threatening calls by an unknown officer.


In March 2017, I was visited by officers at my home address and arrested on six counts of rape and one of keeping an indecent picture of a child.

I remember sitting down on my couch and the lead officer sat next to me. I thought about what was happening and said the words:

"Is this what happens to people when they make complaints against detectives?”

It was at this point the officer smiled, then immediately realised he was in the line of the bodycam and quickly got up to walk out of the room.

He would then start signalling to officers from outside the room without saying any words.

I was taken to Abingdon police station in Oxford where I saw other males arriving from Banbury.

I remember that I didn't want to wait around and asked to be interviewed.

My solicitor called me and stated I was under no circumstances to conduct an interview. I refused the advice and stated I had nothing to be concerned about, so I proceeded to give an interview where I was totally transparent and wanted to help the police find a culprit.

Little did I know that I was being set up.

Halfway through the interview the solicitors arrived, and the interview continued where I made a personal statement stating that I did not know the complainant, I had never met the complainant, and I had never had communications with the complainant. I made the personal statement because the police refused to listen to me when I said these things.

The next day I was interviewed again, and this is where I told them they should have shown my picture. They stated that they needed my permission, so I gave them my permission. This is where I was taken into a room and presented with a group of pictures that had been pre-compiled. I questioned that some of the individuals did not look like me but was told I had no right to provide any input or even choice in the process

I remember being taken back to the interview where I stated that I deemed these allegations as the worst types of crimes in humanity - and the response from the detective was a laugh. I remember being confused and not understanding why the detective had decided to laugh.

On my third interview I was told that I had been picked out by the complainant. This is where I immediately informed the two detectives that the only people with a motive to make such an allegation would be those who assaulted my brothers and made death threats nine months prior.

The officers claimed that they would investigate the situation and promised that if I was being set up, they would look into it. The interview was cut short, and they again returned, this time to grill me some more and inform me that they would not be looking into my claim.

This was when I was visited by a Lieutenant of Thames Valley Police in my cell who simply stated the words:

“Is there any reason I should not send you to prison today?”

Whereupon I replied: “Yes, because I am innocent.”

I was then remanded in custody and taken to Bullingdon police station in Oxfordshire.


I remember hearing prisoners shouting for us to kill ourselves, to hang ourselves and threats to kill shouted throughout the night. Little did I know that the story was being televised internationally.

The settling-in process was hard, and many disturbing things happened. However, I was at the end of completing a business law degree, so my mind set was fresh in assessing information.

So, upon being given 10,000 sheets of case paper I decided to go through each and every one.

The first ground-breaking piece of information that we found was a social media post by the complainant that stated the words:

“The Kingfisher team make you say what they want you to say”.

I felt this was the reason the complainant made the false allegations as the post suggested that the police had influenced her to make the allegation.

Why the accusations against me are not truthful

The evidence that I discovered during the course of those ten months was more than shocking. As the case was now in the hands of another team of officers from a specialised unit, they had accessed another layer of investigations including social service records and phone records. The following is just some of the evidence I discovered.

  • The evidence of the ID parade being conducted on an officer's personal camcorder was against police protocols whereby a piece of software and police computers should process the ID parade.

  • I noticed that my height was claimed to be 5-ft 11 inches when in reality I am 5-ft 4. My age was claimed to be 23 years old in the indictment period when in reality I was 33.

  • I had just started to discover how many connections there were in the evidence papers, even though there were hundreds of pages blanked out. I discovered that the day the claimant stated that I had stopped her in my car was the same day that her friend was seeing a social worker to try and get some accommodation.

  • At the same time, it was claimed and that I was driving my Subaru car. The vehicle registration number provided was of a vehicle that did not belong to me. The Subaru that I had owned had been sold two years before, where the DVLA were notified, and this evidence was available. My own investigation revealed that the police did not investigate or interview the owner of the Subaru (whose number plate was even provided).

  • I had heard that the complainant and her cousins had previously been in in a rape case some years beforehand, so I requested transcripts of that court case. I discovered cases being copied, for example one of the accusations alleges that the location was a car park next to Princess Diana Park, that a sexual encounter had taken place there and that a friend present before that had still been present.

  • The individual was questioned by lawyers: it was stated that they did not know me and that these things did not happen. It must be noted that which was also alleged - that I did not want to go into the park because of CCTV cameras there. In reality the Princess Diana car park is where the CCTV cameras are situated.

  • Further allegations claimed that I had taken her to woods named Teddy Bear Woods. I discovered this was a location stated in the social service records as a place where the complainant was historically found after running away from home. She was found with a group of my friends from school.

  • She also claimed that I had taken her to a hotel, but when she was driven around by a police officer to show them the location, she pointed to a town centre pub and claimed that sexual encounters took place in a flat above the pub.

  • The landlord of the pub made a statement that this would have been virtually impossible because to get to the flat one would have to walk through the highly exposed bar area, that there was CCTV present, and that the only person with access to the living quarters upstairs above the pub was he himself. The pub is in the most highly exposed area in Banbury Town Centre, next to the Citizens Advice Bureau and a city centre car park.

  • Within the social service records identity files were discovered – including the name of one of the drug dealers as being an individual who used to pick her up as a youngster. This was at a time when the complainant's aunt had been granted guardianship.

  • The complainant's aunt had made the social services staff aware that the individual was a drug dealer by the name of L. In the phone records of the complainant another individual who assaulted my brothers and who had made death threats against me was mentioned as he had sent the complainant a text message stating to call him back on WhatsApp.

  • The disclosure officer in the case was JS again, and I saw a piece of evidence - that had been redacted in the information - showing that the complainant was related to a female whose case she had been copying from previous years. This female's name was M and she was the cousin of one of the men who had seriously assaulted my brothers.

  • This is where I discovered a case years before where M had made a complaint against her boyfriend (and father of her child) but which was also a false allegation. M's father was my childhood best friend and had told me prior to my being arrested of something significant happening in his life.

  • As a kid, I had two best friends and M's father was one of them. He had told me that years before, when he had got a girl pregnant, and when another best friend had told him that the child was his, that he was lying and in fact it was his child. He stated he was angry and that he had decided to reunite with his daughter and be a father figure.

  • I discovered that in his anger he had told his daughter that she he could join his family, but she had to 'Cry rape' on her boyfriend. He did this because his family was in a taxi business which was partners with Thames Valley Police in in Banbury, and his family were capitalising on the drug trade. The Asian community is very tight there and everybody knows everybody else, especially those who had been there from the beginning.

Prior to the trial parliament had received hundreds of complaints from lawyers against police officers in relation to disclosure issues. The case of Liam Allan was broadcast nationally. I sent information and evidence to the parliamentary committee. Less than two weeks before my trial I was acquitted from jail and released on no charge.

Free but not free

Little did I know however that my problems were not going to go away. I received death threats and defamation of character, and reported to the police providing strong evidence, but the police refused to act. Video footage of an individual from my CCTV cameras showed my car being damaged, but the police refused to act. Camera footage was captured of the individuals defaming me in the street, but still the police refused to act. My house with children inside was smashed up in the early hours of the morning, and the police refused to act.

Even though my wife supported me throughout this whole ordeal I decided to move away in order to remove them from danger. I continued to live in the area for a short period but was constantly threatened, and even my wife's car was severely damaged. In the end and I had to move away and leave my children behind. I have not seen my children, including my newborn, for two years.

I have been diagnosed with severe depression, yet I my fight on in the hope that one day I will receive justice. I have less than five months remaining to bring a case against the police. We lost our house, which we had to sell, and I lost my family all because I challenged the most extreme branch of Islam in the town. I did this because I was encouraged after learning about Britain in the times of the Magna Carta.

I discovered that the UK was back then also full of religious crazies running around and shouting religious slogans to justify their insane ways - little did I know that the police were in bed with the Mosques. Ever since then the police have used their resources to make my life and the life of my wife and children as hard as they possibly can, especially through the multi-agency approach where council social services and entitlement to benefits have all been affected.

I have sent emails to hundreds of law firms, prominent individuals, and even to the very well-known Mr Nazir Afzal, who I have requested to support me and look at my case - but he continually ignores my calls and my pleas for help.

Nothing short of a godsend can help me.

Please let us know if you think that there is a mistake in this article, explaining what you think is wrong and why. We will correct any errors as soon as possible.

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