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Chessy Prout

'One friend was ordered to drop out of a UK university because he supported a “rapist”, all because he’d written a letter of support for a classmate.' Beware the MeToo and Campus Rape Culture Activists and their #

The Daily Mail and Boston Globe have published articles about Chessy Prout’s objections to Michael Delaney’s appointment to the First Circuit Court of Appeals, claiming she is a victim against power again. It is the most ridiculous argument. She had the White House “Not Alone” task force behind her for the criminal trial against Owen Labrie, from which she went on to earn millions in speaking engagements, book deals, and publicity tie ins with Target. Chessy Prout is spinning yet a new narrative.

Remember that in 2014 she started out with “I have never said he raped me” which became “I was raped I was violated in so many ways” in 2015 and 'I was jealous of all the attention Owen Labrie was getting and looking for publicity and meeting HBO, NBC ' in 2015; to 2023: 'My privacy as a Jane Doe was being denied…' Places like The Daily Mail go along with it because she has a Government Affairs PR rep Dan Hill of, who specializes in Department of Defense contracts. RAINN, for which she is also spokesperson, has a contract with the Department of Defense, so this is what this is all about – lobbying:

Now, Chessy Prout is promoting her non-profit “I Have the Right To” which she launched on NBC in August 2016 as #Ihavetherightto. On the board of the non-profit listed as an agent originally was Steven J Kelly, who is her civil attorney she met via the White House Task Force, and who came to the criminal trial surrounded by a team of attorneys, publicists and journalists. They were all given the desired “rape survivor” narrative.

Steven J Kelly then led the lawsuit against St Paul’s School for the Prout family, and gave it to NBC News and Vice Media before the school was served. Steven J Kelly also gave radio interviews about it as well (before the school could get a copy). The suit mentioned several students by name who were bystanders, and who should have been granted Jane and John Doe privacy, but were not. Some of their lives have been really harmed.

One friend was ordered to drop out of a UK university because he supported a “rapist”, all because he’d written a letter of support for a classmate. Others were denied jobs or otherwise ostracized, driven to depression. Meanwhile Chessy Prout and her family were touring the world doing commercials, speaking at conferences, taking #MeToo to Asia and making a lot of money along the way.

In July 2019, having spent 5 years plastering Owen Labrie’s face all over news papers and TV to bring attention to herself, ABC aired a trailer for an interview with Owen upon his release from jail. Prout, her family and these non-profits all launched a #SurvivorsOverRatings campaign to stop the program from being aired. They were successful. Her mother claimed that Chessy 'shouldn’t have to see her rapist on TV', and that the trial shouldn’t be replayed in the court of public opinion. There were renewed calls to have Owen Labrie stoned, killed, to rot in jail.

Now, she’s airing the trial again in the media and plastering his face all over to promote her “I Have The Right To” and block Delaney’s nomination. So I went to Guidestar to look up the financials on her non-profit. Shocking: although she founded it in 2016, it wasn’t registered until 2018 and didn’t file a tax return until 2021 (after I made an inquiry to IRS about it). And, it measures its success by the numbers of #Ihavetherightto engagements. The Executive Director, Elizabeth Ziegler, seems more interested in expanding business globally than anything else. Do watch out that this organization - which is tied into Not Alone, Soteria Solutions, Vital Voices, Its On Us, End Rape on Campus, RAINN, End Violence Against Women International, Know Your IX, PAVE, SurvJustice etc - doesn’t infiltrate UK private schools. Do we really want non-profits driven by # engagements as a measure of their success to be dictating the narrative on sexual assault?

By Claire Best

Claire Best heads Claire Best & Associates, an international talent agency representing some of the most respected names in the entertainment industry for film, television, and commercials that was established in 2010. She had 16 years of experience in the agency business as an owner, C.E.O. and C.O.O. before Claire Best & Associates. Prior to becoming an agent in 2002, Claire was a production executive at New Line Cinema and Fine Line Features where she oversaw the production of many well-known domestic and international feature films from 1996-2001. Claire has also produced and executive produced a number of award winning and critically acclaimed features, shorts, and documentaries. She is a voting member of B.A.F.T.A. and the Television Academy (see:

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