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How to Win Elections Using #MeToo

“It was surreal having the news broken to me by the internet,” Miller said. “I was alone sitting at my desk surrounded by co-workers, reading about how I was stripped and then penetrated and discarded in a bed of pine needles behind a dumpster.”

'Barbara Fried wrote an article in 2017 about the need for feminism in politics and founded “Mind The Gap” — a non-profit designed to “game the system” for elections, “Moneyball” style.'

Beyond the obvious implications behind fabricating a fake story to influence an upcoming election, in which attorneys from the law firm associated with Barrack Obama’s Personal Attorney’s (Bob Bauer of Perkins Coie) were involved, there are other serious issues which illustrate a violation of the separation of powers that are supposed to keep checks and balances in our government. Perhaps a wild goose chase, but maybe not, is the question of the Russian-ness of the enterprise.

Hillary Clinton is close to Senator Jeanne Shaheen and her husband Bill Shaheen in New Hampshire. Bill Shaheen ran Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign for a while in 2007 until he was forced to resign after comments about Barrack Obama. He ran her super pac in 2016. Robby Mook ties in New Hampshire, the Shaheens, Hillary Clinton, Russiagate and Data Analytics. He was criticized for relying on these too heavily in 2016.

But what about Robby Mook, Hillary’s campaign manager, the data analysis and the Russia connection? Here’s a possible explanation. There’s a company in New Hampshire called New Hampshire Illustrator which was launched in 2012 but rebranded in August 2016, shortly after the Russiagate hoax was apparently planned.

New Hampshire Illustrator promotes “Unbiased Voter Education” and is registered to a Matthew Grodowski, but its registration documents include a person called Svetlana Mishutina with an email address that ties her to Matthew Grodowski’s other business: Intertech, which is at the same address. Svetlana Mishutina’s LinkedIn ties her to Manchester Community College in New Hampshire. Although there is another Svetlana Mishutina who works for Siemens in Moscow.

In 2021, Matthew Grodowski’s Intertech company was caught shipping weapons of mass destruction to Russian spies.

However, there was no mention of the fact that his “Unbiased Voter Education” company, New Hampshire Illustrator, had for its contact a Russian with an email address to Intertech which was engaged in sending multiple shipments to Russian spies. And, there has been no exploration of the timing of Intertech’s updated logo in August 2016 tying in somewhat conveniently with the Trump-Russia hoax.

Matthew Grodowski was arrested but Intertech was left alone. The document lays out an alleged years-long complicated scheme involving bank transactions, international business manoeuvrings, and doctored records — all intended to avoid the loss of lucrative contracts with Russia.

Across the country in California, a college muckraker had started up an online rag called The Fountain Hopper at Stanford University in September 2014. It opened the same week that “Its On Us” campaign was launched by the White House and Emma Watson was announced as ambassador for UN Women and the #HeForShe campaign. Social media # engagement and proliferation was a key component of both.

Hillary Rosen’s political PR company SKDK had both UN Women and “Its On Us” as clients. They also have Hillary Clinton’s non-profit “Vital Voices” as a client — for which Chessy Prout, the State Witness and complainant in New Hampshire v Owen Labrie (which Amanda Grady Sexton publicly called “an opportunity” in the Concord Monitor) became an ambassador. Alexander Prout is Chair of Vital Voices Solidarity.

Records indicate that the Prout family were recruited for Clinton/DNC purposes several months prior to the criminal trial of NH v Owen Labrie and were introduced by Concord Police Detective Julie Curtin who was closely affiliated with Amanda Grady Sexton on Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s campaign. They were given a team of DC attorneys, publicists and victims advocates for the criminal trial. Astonishing when you consider that Chessy Prout was 15 years old and a Jane Doe. She recently stated that she was collaborating with “Its On Us” before the trial. Chessy Prout registered to vote (right after the sensationalized trial) with the Democratic Party on September 9, 2015. She was 16. Chessy Prout started working with Dan Hill, a Government PR Affairs strategist around this time.

Vital Voices is a spin-off of the Clinton Foundation, which has been under investigation for years. The ReWire magazine article above about Emma Watson includes reference to statements by Laura L Dunn who was instructing New Hampshire Police on how to conduct sexual assault investigations and who became “personal representative” for Chessy Prout’s family in the NH v Owen Labrie trial.

Her organization, SurvJustice, had a social media specialist (Wagatwe Wanjuki) on its board whose sole goal seems to be to drive up engagement using #. Chessy Prout’s own spin-off organization gages success by the number of # engagements. Listed as an agent for it is Steven J Kelly Esq (whose partner Steven D Silverman Esq had his license suspended by DC Bar for using media to influence Doe v Cabrera) who was introduced by Laura L Dunn and who led several ambulance chasing lawsuits against St Paul’s School & Dartmouth College in the name of campus rape and #MeToo.

He encouraged Chessy Prout to write her “memoir” in which she equates her “rapist” to Donald Trump. Congresswoman Ann Kuster wrote the introduction!

The Fountain Hopper was the first to sensationalize the news of Brock Turner’s arrest at Stanford University coinciding with the premiere of the campus rape documentary “The Hunting Ground” (later debunked as propaganda) which was heavily tied to major Democratic fundraisers and close affiliates of Hillary Clinton (Harvey Weinstein among them) as well as Dem Caucus rep Michele Dauber who was allegedly seeking a position in a Clinton administration.

New Hampshire Congresswoman Ann Kuster read the Emily Doe statement (which had been leaked to “The Hunting Ground” by Michele Dauber before it was read at sentencing) to Congress, stating “We are all Emily Doe”. But Michele Dauber appears to have written the statement herself with Chanel Miller reading it. Was Chanel Miller recruited by her friend Michele Dauber before she ever set foot on Stanford’s campus? Even by her own accounts to promote her own “memoir” on CBS 60 Minutes (Partnered with Time’s Up) , the narrative of what had allegedly happened was created for her and spread across the airwaves without her input.

“It was surreal having the news broken to me by the internet,” Miller said. “I was alone sitting at my desk surrounded by coworkers, reading about how I was stripped and then penetrated and discarded in a bed of pine needles behind a dumpster.”

The “Emily Doe” statement and Chessy Prout’s story helped Congresswoman Ann Kuster (NH-D) and Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-D) access more federal grants under the guise of a “Bipartisan Workforce Against Domestic & Sexual Violence” which look like they may well have ended up in campaign finance for the 2018 midterms for the Democratic Party.

Stanford Law Professor and Hillary Clinton fundraiser Michele Dauber is married to Ken Dauber, a very early hire Google engineer who knew how to manipulated social media and was reportedly experimenting on this for local election purposes in Santa Clara County. Michele Dauber was using the Brock Turner trial to influence local elections including the recall of Judge Persky.

Stanford Law is also home to Barbara Fried and Joseph Bankman — parents of Sam Bankman-Fried (FTX).

Barbara Fried wrote an article in 2017 about the need for feminism in politics and founded “Mind The Gap” — a non-profit designed to “game the system” for elections, “Moneyball” style.

Joseph Bankman is a tax law professor who advised government. He “recruited’ Dan Friedberg to join Alameda Research for his son Sam. Friedberg had been part of Ultimate Bet — an online poker game ponzi scheme.

The Fountain Hopper’s founder Ilya Mouzykantski is Russian and had worked for the NY Times in Moscow before going to Stanford and spending part of 2013 in the Sociology Department, which is presumably where he met Michele Dauber who is tied to Stanford Sociology as well as Stanford Law. His father, “Dr Boris” (based in Moscow until recently I understand) is known as the “godfather” of Ad Tech (IPONWEB) which connects him to Google.

Anita Dunn of SKDK who is married to Bob Bauer, formerly of Perkins Coie, was forced to sell her Google shares in 2022 due to conflicts of interest

Larry Paige of Google is wanted by the US Virgin Islands for a deposition regarding business with Jeffrey Epstein. Barbara Fried and Gabe Bankman-Fried are not co-operating with authorities regarding questions tied to “Mind the Gap” and FTX. Gabe Bankman-Fried lists MIT as his employer under the records for the Bankman-Fried home at Stanford.

How closely connected is Jeffrey Epstein to the Trump-Russia story and the college campus # Rape Culture & #MeToo campaigns? He had multiple meetings with Academics and the White House in 2014 when #ItsOnUs and “Not Alone” started up spawning dozens of non-profits, which all appeared to support the DNC and were barely hiding their partisanship. Non-profits and foundations were a specialty of Epstein’s, starting with the Clinton Foundation.

He supported #TimesUp (also a client of SKDK) and he was obsessed with crypto which may explain why Sam Bankman-Fried hired an attorney who represented Ghislaine Maxwell — somebody who understood the network that he and too many others tied to Epstein and the Clintons were part of.

Russian information/misinformation is an interesting and sticky wicket.

By Claire Best

Full disclosure: I voted for Hillary Clinton and I supported #MeToo. I believed Trump’s collusion with Russia. I believed Brock Turner was a rapist. I questioned whether Owen Labrie was and that’s why I started questioning the narrative I was being fed. I was completely unaware of how I was being manipulated.

Claire Best heads Claire Best & Associates, an international talent agency representing some of the most respected names in the entertainment industry for film, television, and commercials that was established in 2010. She had 16 years of experience in the agency business as an owner, C.E.O. and C.O.O. before Claire Best & Associates. Prior to becoming an agent in 2002, Claire was a production executive at New Line Cinema and Fine Line Features where she oversaw the production of many well-known domestic and international feature films from 1996-2001. Claire has also produced and executive produced a number of award winning and critically acclaimed features, shorts, and documentaries. She is a voting member of B.A.F.T.A. and the Television Academy (see:

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