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It's On Them – The Continuing Corruption of American Academia

Stanford University

'Protesters have been photographed carrying assault rifles and signs reading “Shoot your local rapist” and “Castrate rapists”'

'Students don’t go to school to be indoctrinated or prosecuted and the public doesn’t pay to endorse hostile environments'

Stanford has been in the spotlight several times recently, aside from the Meyer family’s lawsuit against Stanford’s administration for the wrongful death of their daughter, Katie Meyer.

To pretend the other unpleasant discoveries behind Stanford’s virtue hoarders are unrelated to the circumstances which led to Katie Meyer’s untimely death would be a mistake. For every ethical failure there is a consequence. When these get covered up, lives are put in danger, suicides happen.

The latest cover up relates to Stanford’s list of “harmful” words. Facing backlash after a Wall Street Journal article, Stanford’s “Chief” Information Officer, Stephen Gallagher, issued an update on Stanford’s “Harmful Language Initiative”.

You’d think Gallagher would realize that “chief” is one of the words considered to be harmful in the HLI list but, following in the footsteps of the culture of the Stanford’s “House of Cowards”, self-censorship and reflection is absent in Stanford’s bloated administration as it is in the three letter government agencies directly tied to Stanford.

What we are witnessing at Stanford is part of an overall pattern that started in 2008 when Obama was elected and tied Stanford directly to the Presidency. Censorship of language and thought under the guise of combating online disinformation is a requirement.

To think that Katie Meyer or any other student was free to express themselves without repercussions would be naive. Free speech was crushed under the Obama administration with Joe Biden as the messenger.

The effect across the nation’s campuses has been more than chilling. The very letter — the unregulated Title IX directive: “Dear Colleague” — that introduced such harsh punishments on campuses was drafted by one of Stanford’s own professors married to a Google engineer who is able to manipulate social media, including Twitter.

As early as June 2016, whistleblowers at Google, Facebook and Twitter alleged Stanford University professor Michele Dauber and her husband Ken Dauber were experimenting with social media manipulation. Using tech and mainstream media contacts, the Daubers reportedly rode the #MeToo momentum that ignited after Donald Trump won the 2016 Presidential election.

Using social media to pull off publicity stunts, garner student support for witch-hunt criminal trials was a strategic plan. The Russian student founder of “The Fountain Hopper” which sensationalized the arrest of Brock Turner at Stanford, worked in Stanford’s sociology department (where I believe he first engaged with Michele Dauber) in 2013 before the online rag was registered in Delaware in September 2014 to coincide with the White House “Its On Us” campaign launch.

Audiences of the White House and Stanford-backed documentary “The Hunting Ground” were asked to take the “It’s On Us” pledge — a pledge to subscribe to the power and influence of political propaganda.

In 2009, Senators Robert Byrd (D) and Lamar Alexander (R) warned President Obama about the dangers of hiring “czars” in Obama’s administration. Their fear was that divisions between branches of government would disappear. They were right and the nation should have listened.

In 2015, Senators Lamar Alexander and James Alexander warned the Department of Education about its overreach in Title IX. The Department of Education defended itself but, as with Stanford, has now blocked access to correspondence that would enlighten the public as to what is going on behind closed doors.

These elected representatives called it but the government ignored it. The very man who introduced the crime bill and VAWA, Joe Biden, has used the 2011 unregulated “Dear Colleague” to infiltrate educational institutions to fund-raise for political campaigns by allowing three letter agencies to take control of them under the guise of social justice spawning “government contracts” to the tune of billions.

The too-close relationship between Stanford, the Department of Education, the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Democratic Party, Big Tech and Big Pharma has resulted in a toxic cocktail allowing citizens to be spied upon, maligned, reported, censored as has been revealed in the Twitter Files.

Students on campus are first in line to feel the consequences of institutional and government corruption — by design.

Lyn Rosenthal, a “czar” in the Department of Justice’s Office of Violence Against Women from 2009–2015 stated that the reason for the Obama administration’s focus on campuses and discipline procedures for Title IX was because if they got it right there they would influence generations to come.

Stanford and Dartmouth are two centers used by public officials to monitor social media and to censor dissenting tweets, even those coming from well regarded members of their own faculties.

The political agenda-dominated campuses and their bloated administrations cost the public billions in tax payer dollars on top of the outlandish tuition fees. Yet, there is a complete and utter lack of accountability for the administrators themselves: the deans, the provosts, the presidents, the Title IX coordinators, the activist faculty members.

The only logical explanation for their immunity is the “special” relationship they enjoy with the government agencies who work with them and use them to control young minds for the future and to hide what they are doing from parents and the public.

It is not just Stanford’s administrators who must resign; the nation’s presidencies and the agencies working with them must be held accountable for the evils committed on society under their instruction. Students don’t go to school to be indoctrinated or prosecuted and the public doesn’t pay to endorse hostile environments. Our schools and campuses have proven via submission to and collusion with government agencies and affiliated non-profits that they are severely at odds with US constitutional values.

Katie Meyer’s suicide resulting from Dean Lisa Caldera’s disciplinary action for a spilled cup of coffee is the consequence of a growing mountain of failures to maintain checks and balances stemming from an unethical relationship with the Department of Justice, the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, Santa Clara County Courts, the Democratic Party, Big Tech and Big Pharma.

Former Stanford student Edwin Dorsey writes about Dean Lisa Caldera (named as a defendant in the Meyers’ suit) who sent the email to Katie Meyer that was open on her laptop when her body was found.

Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne, who held a senior position with Pfizer before he joined the university, is facing investigation for altering images in scientific research papers.

Professor Michele Dauber is being investigated for violations of Title IX and for hateful messages per correspondence from Stephen Chen in the Title IX department at the university.

Professor Barbara Fried, co-founder of “Mind the Gap” and her husband, Joseph Bankman — a professor of tax law — are being scrutinized for their role in Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX crypto enterprise and political donations.

The Department of Justice is complicit in the ethics failures — paying Stanford for Law Professor Pamela Karlan who took a leave of absence from the university to work for the department while still collecting her teaching salary of over $1 million.

She left one business day before the department delivered documents to the American Accountability Foundation pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act request, bringing more attention to her unusual pay provisions………Pamela Karlan was a paid employee at Stanford University when she was supposed to be serving the Department of Justice,”……The July 5 FOIA document production threatened a new round of attention to the fact that Karlan continued to earn one of the most lucrative US teaching salaries while steering federal policy.”

Pamela Karlan, along with Michele Dauber should be included in the Jane and John Does 1–25 listed as Defendants in the Meyers v Stanford lawsuit. Like Michele Dauber (with a peculiarly close connection to the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, Santa Clara County DA’s Office and the Democratic Party leaders) Pamela Karlan was instrumental in designing Stanford’s disciplinary proceedings. These paved the way for the denial of Katie Myer’s civil and human right to due process. Katie Meyer’s parents’ complaint cites this failure to respect due process as one of the key reasons their daughter was driven to anxiety, depression and ultimately suicide.

Professor Pamela Karlan hailed “preponderance of evidence” standards in disciplinary procedures for students while spouting fickle statements for the Department of Justice regarding hate crimes and official misconduct.

“In partnership with the FBI and United States Attorney’s Offices across the nation, the Division’s Criminal Section aggressively prosecutes hate crimes, official misconduct, and other criminal civil rights violations. And its other Sections pursue illegal discrimination in many aspects of life, including housing, employment, voting, education, and the operation of federally funded programs, among other areas.

“When a crime is motivated by animus based on race, religion, national origin, sex (including sexual orientation or gender identity), disability, or citizenship, it causes a ripple effect across a community. No one in the United States should live in fear of victimization because of who they are, how they worship, where they come from, or whom they love. Diversity is central to who we are as a nation, and the Department of Justice is committed to holding accountable anyone who violates the civil rights of others.”

Neither the Department of Justice, the Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights nor Marc Tessier-Lavigne, nor the Dean of Stanford Law School ever did anything when Karlan’s colleague Michele Dauber called for extreme violence against Brock Turner. Feminists bearing AR 15s showed up at his home and threatened his life.

Judge Aaron Persky, whose recall Michele Dauber orchestrated, also faced death threats but almost everyone was silent — cowards in the face of bullies. Pamela Karlan collected her millions, Michele Dauber raised enough money from the Persky recall campaign to buy a second vacation home and students or former students continued to be targets of vigilante hate or threatened with rape accusations by those, like Dauber, who wielded power via the small world of sexual assault politics.

Cordell, a former Palo Alto councilwoman and vice provost at Stanford, drew a connection between the song and the protests outside Turner’s family’s house in Ohio.

Protesters have been photographed carrying assault rifles and signs reading “Shoot your local rapist” and “Castrate rapists.”

“I am just stunned at the level of violence, vulgarity, the bullying, all this stuff, aimed at this young man,” Cordell said. “He erred. He has been convicted. And so we as a society, we believe in redemption, particularly in young people.”

The feminist/political/activist deans, administrators and professors in the law department at Stanford who work in cahoots with the Department of Education, Department of Justice and the Democratic Party do not believe in redemption for students but they do believe in escaping their own accountability for double dipping and endangering lives. They belong to a group of virtue signallers who have attained ridiculous amounts of wealth off subversive practices. Yet they are endorsed as “experts” by the leaders of our nation.

Elizabeth Holmes’ (Theranos) and Sam Bankman-Fried’s (FTX) arrogant scams are the bi-product. Elizabeth Holmes tried to evade culpability by claiming she was sexually assaulted by her co-conspirator; Sam Bankman-Fried tried to evade culpability by going on a publicity tour to fabricate a “mea culpa” explanation that flies in the face of evidence in available public records.

Michele Dauber has been relentless in her social media vitriol but Stanford, Twitter, the Silicon Valley Democratic Committee, the Department of Justice and the Department of Education have protected her. They don’t care because she is a fundraiser for Silicon Valley Democratic Committee which has a close relationship with members of Stanford’s board of wealthy trustees. Nobody cared about how Sam Bankman-Fried attained his wealth because they were getting millions for their candidates and pacs.

Barbara Fried and Joseph Bankman will not be teaching at Stanford in the new year. They are worried that they will be bankrupted.

Stanford has removed the link to Michele Dauber’s role in the university’s disciplinary process in the last couple of weeks since the Meyers’ suit which specifically mentions complaints made while she was in charge. Stanford is hiding the truth again. This is all that is left of it:

Senate approves new student disciplinary process for sexual assault and harassment cases. Law Professor Michele Dauber and undergraduate student Jonathan York, right, explain the proposed changes

Stanford Law School employs several others who also appear to have put money, politics and power above any kind of ethical responsibilities that one might expect from a department which advertises “collegial culture” and a university promoting itself as “a place of discovery, creativity and innovation”.

Could any student feel supported at a university that is a thinly veiled wing of the US Government with a social media center, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google and the FBI on hand to censor speech and thought?

If Katie Meyer had used social media to express frustration and criticize the disciplinary procedures she could have been shut down, censored. If she’d used it to express her mental health status, she could have faced discrimination.

If she didn’t answer the dean’s questions about the coffee spill incident she was warned that her silence could lead the administration to find her guilty. Yet if she did answer it, they notified her that she could incriminate herself.

The shameful speech control and disciplinary systems designed by the Obama administration and Stanford’s feminist activists to help “victims” of sexual assault and gender bias (which has been endorsed by the Biden administration’s department of education and department of justice) should be attributable for the suicide of Stanford’s star female soccer player — the very person Title IX should have protected, not killed.

For all of Obama’s, Biden’s and Catherine Lhamon’s (Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights) statements about protecting students against sexual assault, they have failed because they’ve protected their own allies from incrimination and covered up their tracks with help from three letter agencies.

While Katie Meyer struggled with the trauma of an accusation behind the front of being the face of Stanford’s women’s soccer, the university’s law professors and dean spent their time on shady get rich quick enterprises disguised as “effective altruism” or “college counselling” for prospective students.

Stanford’s and the Department of Education’s, the Department of Justice’s & the FBI’s silence is the violence.

I challenge him to his own statement. It is on him, Joe Biden, their administrations and czars to own up, apologize, rectify, and make serious reparations for their wrongs. They have used, abused and harmed our students. They introduced a Stasi-like police state with “Dear Colleague”, “Not Alone” and strategic partnerships with police departments, three letter agencies, social media and PR companies. It’s on Them.

By Claire Best

Claire Best heads Claire Best & Associates, an international talent agency representing some of the most respected names in the entertainment industry for film, television, and commercials that was established in 2010. She had 16 years of experience in the agency business as an owner, C.E.O. and C.O.O. before Claire Best & Associates. Prior to becoming an agent in 2002, Claire was a production executive at New Line Cinema and Fine Line Features where she oversaw the production of many well-known domestic and international feature films from 1996-2001. Claire has also produced and executive produced a number of award winning and critically acclaimed features, shorts, and documentaries. She is a voting member of B.A.F.T.A. and the Television Academy (see:

Please let us know if you think that there is a mistake in this article, explaining what you think is wrong and why. We will correct any errors as soon as possible.

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