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Jonathan King on Prince Andrew, EMI and a Corrupted Justice System

Jonathan King

'And why me? Because publicist Max Clifford was hired to stop my appointment as global Chairman of the giant record company EMI that I was offered in 2001.'

'“You will be believed even if you are lying”, as Keir Starmer said when he was DPP, a rule still followed by police today.'

Overjoyed to write about any organisation, however big or small, hoping to assist in the crusade to destroy the False Allegations Industry. The biggest and fastest expanding crime area - globally - of this Century, with high profile victims like Prince Andrew (that made £12 million for the False Accuser - I can say that since the Prince can claim innocence until or unless proven guilty - stop laughing at the back there).

Before I go any further, can I send a brickbat to the appalling [Dr Michael] Naughton [Empowering the Innocent lead – Ed] who dared criticise a Christmas card I sent him from prison 20 years ago? Hopefully he will answer that for you all! Only joking. Actually he’s a bit of a hero to us Falsely Accused, having dared to question the Status Quo when most people hid in cupboards.

And let me irritate you even more by saying my arrest and wrongful conviction in 2000 and 2001 was one of the best and most exciting things that has ever happened to me. I met loads of really nice and decent people in prison (yes - despite media coverage and popular brain laziness, people are NOT black or white and even some, most of those guilty of horrendous crimes can have many fantastic qualities).

As far as my own wrongful conviction in 2001 is concerned, I was the ideal candidate to be 'set up'. Why? Because as an openly bisexual public figure who felt the absurd situation that any gay sex was a crime (until 1967, when I was 22) and any gay sex with anyone under 21 (until 1997) whereas the heterosexual age of consent was 16, should be ignored, could easily be convicted by getting men to say they had been under 16 at the time. And why me? Because publicist Max Clifford was hired to stop my appointment as global Chairman of the giant record company EMI that I was offered in 2001.

My favourite behaviour is cheering people up and prison gave me great opportunities to do that. I served 3.5 years of a 7 year sentence for crimes that not only had I not committed but that never had even taken place.

Impossible, you may say. Oh no.

“You will be believed even if you are lying”, as Keir Starmer said when he was DPP, a rule still followed by police today (except the 5 million currently not working due to being investigated for raping or killing women).

You may also disagree with my 'making people happy' remark, possibly having heard my attempts at singing during my career. But I point out I sold over 40 million records as a singer (under many different names) and produced or published or created many hundred million more in my music career (Genesis; 10cc; Abba; Bay City Rollers, etc).

Anyway, the stories I heard and the documents I read during my time in Belmarsh, Maidstone and Elmley prisons educated and informed me in ways I would never have believed. I helped 12 people get immediate release and appeals granted. I became rather like Noel Coward in The Italian Job in those three luxury establishments, running the places with keys dangling from my belt, as officers and governors all decided I was indeed innocent and that many others were also. The fault is in the Judicial system, with bent cops (tell me something new in 2023 - but it’s taken me 20 years to expose them), bent lawyers (working on that now) and deaf or dumb Judges and Jurors.

All inspired and informed by the media (I love the media - have been a part of it for nearly 60 years - I’m now 78 but look 23!). We can’t help ourselves in the media. All that matters is A GREAT STORY! We don’t care about the truth. We exaggerate and inflate to make a better story. Just read my comments above. We can’t help ourselves. It’s our nature, as the Scorpion said to the Frog as they both drowned.

But it’s NOT exaggerating to tell you that the system is about to collapse.

Hundreds if not thousands of innocent people - both genders and all ages - are in gaols globally. Families destroyed. People killed (often suicide). Careers finished. Lives broken.

We HAVE to stop it. Not for us Oldies. But for future generations of victims.

Victims who are REAL victims. Not liars. Or the genuinely deluded. Or victims of those wanting COMP-EN-SAY-SHUN or other cash. Or those robbing God (oops, religions). Or decent people (oops, perverts disguised as teachers, foster parents, doctors, pop stars, DJ’s, wealthy MPs).

Come on! GROW UP Humanity. And do it NOW.

2023, for me, is devoted to stopping those Using The Law To Break The Law.

Blackmail disguised as legal civil claims (like the old WHIPLASH scam).

Using Police to collude in Attempting to Pervert the Course of Justice.

Showing up toothless watchdogs like the CCRC (1%!!! What are they thinking?).

And the IOPC (where were they when Met cops were raping and killing?).

This is going to be great fun.

By Jonathan King

Songwriter, pop impresario and victim of an alleged wrongful conviction.

Listen to a playlist of Jonathan King's many hits here:

Watch A Victim Bites Back series here:

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