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My Fight for Justice - Gary Barnstaple


Gary Barnstaple 

Dear Magistrates,


Firstly, I will explain the real reason why I'm here. You're led to believe that I'm some sex attacker with a history when in actual fact for over three decades I have actively fought police corruption. I'm part of a growing number of over 4000 activists fighting to stop the police from working with impunity, and that would mean stopping the police from policing themselves. In 1989 when I exposed a Hartlepool police officer for his malicious activity - which made the local paper - I became a target.

The CPS will inform you that I was imprisoned for Indecent Assault despite being arrested for incitement to assault. This doesn't carry a custodial sentence, it was a Northumbria Detective who would unlawfully make the indictment 'indecent assault'. He was able to pull this off with help from his colleague, a CPS lawyer named R (who incidentally takes on all of Detective S's cases).

I'm able to prove that a done deal was made, and that my own barrister sealed my fate before I made it to court. My barrister refused to use overwhelming evidence against Detective S and his bogus victim. I requested my barrister have a certain juror removed as she was a woman I had reported to the police for theft decades before, but he refused my request. 

Outside the court Detective S admitted that I was innocent, and stated:

"But we got you in the end, and that loon will say anything we ask".

Detective S was referring to my accuser and ex-girlfriend AC, who I would discover before I went to court had been sectioned for three years for paranoid schizophrenia due to drink and drug issues. AC's motive in making a false allegation, that I somehow incited my friend to go with her, was a total fabrication between her and her best friend BH (who had also received treatment for mental health issues).

AC's real motive was money to be claimed from victim compensation funds. I have evidence that Detective S perverted the course of justice on more than 12 occasions to make sure I went to prison. These were for offences for which I can clearly prove S and the CPS officer R knew they were putting away an innocent man, and it would be left up to R to fabricate a story of events for their bogus victim AC.

We know they were fabricated because AC's statements did not reflect at all what CPS R was making up. In fact AC never ever stated under interview or in court that I touched her, so as magistrates you will be very puzzled as to why I'm here today with a conviction for indecent assault? I would urge you to read a six-page document of evidence I have put together against Detective S, CPS R and of course their prize fraudster and ex-partner of mine AC.

And, yes, I have passed my evidence onto the police on numerous occasions and also to the CPS, proving their lawyer R conspired to put an innocent man in prison. But as you will understand the channels that I went down are not there for the public but are there to protect their own - the same channels I and other activists try to expose as not fit for purpose. 83,000 complaints were made against the police in 2023, less than 1% received a slap on the wrist, and this is why it's almost impossible to get the police to investigate my evidence against their own.

Now I'm in front of you today for a breach of licence for not informing the police that I was going on holiday in fear the police would stop me - just the same as they have stopped me from getting justice against their own, a licence I can easily prove I shouldn't be on in the first place. I must add that the Police in are well aware I have email addresses since most of my contacts back and forth are done by email (and the same applies to probation services, who have documented my passport as normal protocol).

When I produced my evidence to the Crime Commissioner he advised the Police to properly investigate my evidence, but alas the Police would ignore the commissioner's advice again in order to protect their own.


By Gary Barnstaple


Gary Barnstaple was a well known entertainer in the north east, winning major dance titles along with having a singing career. Gary has taught thousands of children and adults to dance with not as much as a hiccup. Despite fighting injustices for other people and now himself, Gary has been an inspiration to many charities. Gary has received an award from the IFAW international fund for animal welfare.

AIDS awareness and caring for the elderly take up most of his time today, as he now cares for an 81 year-old Betty 3/4 days a week. Gary has 3 dogs and is known for taking in the odd stray that has suffered abuse or neglect. Gary is presently organising vigils with FASO (False Allegations Support Organisation), P.O.P (Police the Police), and Fathers 4 Justice.

Gary hopes to appear on a Channel 4 documentary (The Andy Malkinson story), featuring hundreds of miscarriages of justices, that will be aired in the Spring. When Gary was interviewed by Channel 4 the reporter stated that Gary's case was one of the most shocking, especially as evidence proves the CPS knew that Gary was innocent.         


Please let us know if you think that there is a mistake in this article, explaining what you think is wrong and why. We will correct any errors as soon as possible.


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