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Open Letter to Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Mark Rowley by Ruby Cooper

Sir Mark Rowley

Dear Commissioner Rowley

As you know, my case started with me being stalked by a clerk who worked for NatWest, who stole my details from the bank's computers and pretended to be a customer services manager in order to groom me. Since then, over sixty serious crimes have been committed against me, ALL of which the Metropolitan Police have refused to investigate, ignoring Police guidelines and PACE in order to pervert the course of justice and gain several unsafe convictions.

Your staff at the Metropolitan Police and NatWest staff have covered up these sixty crimes, over sixty Metropolitan Police officers have refused to help me and have systematically lied, cheated, covered up NatWest crimes, committed criminal offences such as perjury and perverting the course of justice, falsified police records and systematically destroyed evidence. All these crimes have disappeared from police systems.

The Metropolitan Police, NatWest and the CPS have ganged up against me, operating as a gang using DARVO techniques of delay, deny, deflect, discredit and destroy tactics against me to cover up the stalking and the crimes committed by NatWest and police staff.

The Metropolitan Police are guilty of corruption, collusion, fraud, perverting the course of justice, gross misconduct, malfeasance in public office and breach of PACE, as your staff refused to properly investigate and process the 60-plus crimes I reported to police.

Your staff DC SC then LIED in court telling the judge that the stalking had been investigated which was a lie, in order to get me convicted of harassment. I was NOT harassing the bank's chairman; I was trying to get the bank to do something about their staff stalking me, ALL of which was omitted by the police and CPS at trial.

Your repeated refusal to investigate DC SC for perjury has led to a horrific 28 year ordeal for me of having to fight for justice.

The Metropolitan Police have, furthermore, colluded with the IOPC to cover up DC SC's perjury by submitting a report done without any meaningful investigation. Out of 28,000 complaints, the corrupt and bent IOPC have upheld only 18 - any wonder when they can produce reports which are blatantly deceitful and done with no investigation?

The Metropolitan Police's unreasonable and criminal behaviour has cost me 28 years of my life, destroyed my good name and livelihood and destroyed my health and well being. I live in a constant state of chronic PSD because of the Metropolitan Police's actions.

The NatWest bank have leaned upon every legal team I have ever used in order that my fight for justice is lost before I even begin.

For three of the countries' largest corporations, the Metropolitan Police, the CPS and NatWest bank to gang up against one tiny individual is disgusting! Yet that is what has happened here.

All three of you, the Police, the CPS and NatWest have lied to every judge and journalist; hence I am writing this open letter to you Sir Mark, in the hope that you will admit I was a whistle-blower against police corruption, racism and misogyny, resolve this appalling case, and clean up the unsafe convictions which were and abuse of process as well as an abuse of power.

Please respond to this email and start telling the truth. The 60 crimes I reported were committed by police and NatWest staff were never processed - you can tell this by looking at my police computer records.

You , the Metropolitan Police arrested me 24 times as a means of silencing me. I WILL NOT BE SILENCED!

The most ridiculous arrest was for blackmailing Commissioner Hogan-Howe, which was another Metropolitan Police lie. Out of 24 arrests you managed to get about six unsafe convictions based on lies.

The only comfort I take from Baroness Casey's report is that I am not alone. Many women have suffered from the Metropolitan Police's misogyny, corruption and racism, not only me!

I ask you again Sir Mark to resolve this matter with me - admit I was a whistle-blower, admit my convictions were gotten by an abuse of process and are unsafe.

Please respond.

Kind regards,

Ruby Cooper

Please let us know if you think that there is a mistake in this open letter, explaining what you think is wrong and why. We will correct any errors as soon as possible.

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