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Lynn Stoker v the RSPCA

“I've come with a empty van I am not leaving this house until you give me at least 10 of your dogs”.

It all started when a card was left on my gate from a RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) inspector, HC. She had told me my neighbour had contacted the RSPCA saying one of my cats had a runny eye. I immediately replied to the number left on the card and spoke to her. The conversation was very pleasant and I assured her all my animals were healthy and she was welcome to call round and see them.

We arranged a visit for a few days later. During the conversation she asked me what dogs I had, and I told her the majority were chihuahuas. As soon as she heard chihuahuas she told me her charity were in desperate need of chihuahuas, as chihuahuas were their most popular of breeds and they were desperate for them. I told her I was not prepared to place my dogs in a sanctuary, they were all well cared for, never as much as had a flea, were never poorly and were all happy little dogs.

However, she turned up a few days later with her work mate, CM. I welcomed them into my home and immediately CM started picking up the dogs, making a fuss of them. I told her due to infections being carried on their clothes to please not pick the dogs up, they were all quarantined on my smallholding. She refused and continued to walk around with them.

As soon as HC saw my chihuahuas she told me they were exactly what they were needing, they would be straight in and out of their kennels, meaning they were happy and healthy. She told me she had just lost her labrador, and asked me if I would give her my lab which had greeted them coming into the house.

Again, I refused. At this point she said:

“I've come with a empty van I am not leaving this house until you give me at least 10 of your dogs”.

Not being able to phone the police - I had taken them to court over dishonesty - at random I handed over 11 dogs: a British bulldog, 9 chihuahuas and a cross breed, valued at approximately £12,000.

As they were leaving, HC turned around to CM and said to her:

Well that was a very rewarding day".

Because I had handed over such expensive dogs, I asked HC if she could therefore help me with getting a vet just to check over my tiny pony who was reaching the end of her life. She assured me she would and a vet would be out as soon as possible.

ALL LIES. No vet ever called and in her report no vet was ever going to call out. The very next day she called me saying she was delighted with my dogs and she hoped I would hand over more to her. I refused. She started to tell me all kind of lies, she said she couldn't give me money for them but she would help me with blankets, microchips etc. ALL LIES.

Lastly, she said she had got me my own vet. She would microchip, vaccinate, flea-treat and neuter, all free - it wouldn't cost me a penny. I told her I didn't believe her and she would not be getting back in my home until she put something in writing to what she intended. A couple of weeks later she arrived at my front door with a vet.

Now really annoyed, I asked both HC and the vet to put something in writing as to what they intended to do. Then, and only then, would I let them into my home. They both refused, so I told them to leave and stop harassing me. They left, I wrote a letter of complaint to head office and messaged the vet who had contacted me.

After this, I started to get phone calls from HC's boss - a Chief Inspector MC - really friendly calls begging me to help them. I refused every time and continued to tell her to stop harassing me. It was in the last phone call Chief Inspector MC threatened me, saying either I gave her what she was wanting OR she was about to make my life hell.

I put the phone down on her, and five days later she arrived at my front door with a police officer and an unlawful warrant. I was arrested with their saying I was about to obstruct the raid.

When I arrived home early evening from the police station all my animals had been stolen, 100 dogs, 3 tortoises, 2 cats. All they left were a pair of geese and my elderly pony. RSPCA vet JP handled the whole case, lying and covering it up to make it look like a cruelty case.

She. herself. charged me for chihuahuas having fractured jaws. When cross-examined in the witness box she admitted she had fractured the jaws, extracting teeth. Weeks later in her care she noticed my elderly chihuahua had a dislocated hip. I have evidence of dogs so terrified they were jumping out of her arms. This disgusting vet had even placed both young and elderly dogs in virus-infected RSPCA kennels; many of my happy little dogs died in her care from suspected Parvo and other deadly viruses.

This vet lied and lied in court, placing £98,000 on me for costs, a ban for life in keeping animals, and a prison sentence for 21 weeks. I have since fought in all courts, have written to Malcolm Roberts MP, who is fighting to get the RSPCA to loosen their powers. I have also written to Justice Secretary Alex Chalk at the House of Commons. I continue to fight now with the CCRC, hopefully to get justice.

By Lynn Stoker

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