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Who's Afraid Of Charlotte Proudman?: A Public Reckoning?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Dr Charlotte Proudman

'It’s almost as if they are doing a “come on look at me and then let me tear you down” kind of look. It’s very bizarre' – Claire Best

Since outing a fellow lawyer for allegedly 'using Linkedin like Tinder' in 2015, radical ideologue barrister Dr Charlotte Proudman has seemingly been using whatever social media profile she has for 'impact' - the new professional currency - rather than the pursuit of justice. Sometimes her activism has even shoehorned her rhetoric onto BBC's Newsnight.

Proudman's progressive sexual-political beliefs are not in question, but her unwavering support of Keir Starmer and Alison Saunders' 'believe the victim' policy has been tweeted on a daily - if not hourly - basis ever since. It's as if her chambers, Goldsmiths, have told her not to worry about due process of jurisprudence, just get noticed – a possibly profit-based stance. A read of the comments under almost any of her tweets displays the public rage her stance provokes, and her often petulant responses give disquiet about the state of integrity of those at the Bar. And, those are comments from those she hasn't blocked

In response to Proudman's self-celebrated nomination for a LexisNexus award, Harry Wolstenholme, himself a bachelor in law and someone not unfamiliar with standing up to malfeasance, has published an open letter to Proudman, prefaced: 'We must have the courage to stand up to what we perceive to be injustice. Here's an open letter, opposing Dr Proudman's nomination for Legal Personality of the Year'.

So apart from a problematic relationship with her deceased alcoholic father (and estrangement from other members of her family) from where does the rest of Proudman's inchoate rage come?

I asked US documentary film-maker Claire Best who has been investigating. This is what she told me:

“Proudman has been in podcasts with Lucia Crowley who is the journalist who reported on Juror 50 in the Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Maxwell tried to use that juror’s report to get a new trial. Of all the journalists he could have spoken to, why did he speak to a journalist who is tied to The Independent and Daily Mail - both with ownership of Alexander Lebedev whose father was a KGB officer, and possibly one of the 23 KGB agents for whom Robert Maxwell helped get foreign bank accounts and passports? In any event, Proudman seems very sympathetic with Lucia Crowley and they both have this uniform look of bright red lipstick and blonde hair. If you are a woman, it sticks out. There are a few other radical feminists around who are publishing articles and books who do the same. It’s almost as if they are doing a 'Come on look at me and then let me tear you down' kind of look. It’s very bizarre. Proudman is also obsessed with Hollywood and stars. I work in Hollywood. Sure the red carpets of the Oscars etc. are glamorous events, but even the most famous actors are working ordinary every day people when the films and TV shows get made. When they do the PR tours it's a job. Everyone who works in the industry understands that. Proudman seems not to understand that. She also doesn’t understand her own profession. But that’s the goal I think. The White House 'Not Alone' task force was to recruit women, turn them into influencers, celebrities, recruit others and give them media and in so doing people like Proudman became narcissists (or were already). Just social climbers using social justice as a way to get media attention for themselves. Proudman changed her name from Charlotte Bailye, around the time, I believe, that she was recruited into all of this. There is (although I haven’t figured it out completely) an Israeli intelligence aspect to all of this. Robert Maxwell was tied to the PROMIS software scandal. Isabel Maxwell sold Magellan Searchware to Microsoft. Maxwell is a professor at Stanford where Professor Michele Dauber (to whom Charlotte Proudman looks up to) is a law professor and leader in the use of radical feminism to undermine due process in the courts. One of the pieces of software to come out of the campus sexual assault frenzy is which is a behaviour software reporting tool that has sparked uproar recently as people start to discover how it is used. It’s basically like something you’d expect China or the Stasi to use. was introduced to St Paul’s School as part of the settlement agreement by the AG of New Hampshire after NH v Owen Labrie. But it came in via the “compliance” (ex police) officer and parents were not told about it. It’s all tied to 'No More', 'Soteria Solutions', the Department of Justice and Department of Defense. I noticed in the most recent report on St Paul’s School (every six months the 'compliance' officer issues a report) that it was casually dropped in that the school 'continues to use it' and has entered the 'analysis' phase.

I spoke to parents with kids at the school. They had no idea it was being used. It was quite shocking to them especially because a 15 year-old girl had posted an Instagram photo with comments under it which she alleged had come from boys on the hockey team. They were met by the dean of students on their arrival back at the school before an away match who confronted them with these comments. They were separated, quizzed. None of them knew anything about it. Apparently she was set up to it. So now it is quite possibly on their behaviour reports and who knows how it will be used in the future for social credit evaluation or prosecution. It’s all quite disturbing and I hope that the UK starts asking serious questions about all of this - because it's not only an overreach and breaches privacy laws (which at least Maxient seem to be a little worried about) but there are many other implications. In my opinion Charlotte Proudman [and ex Victims Commissioner Dame Vera Baird] are most likely getting kick backs or rewards for their messaging”. By Sean Bw Parker Please let us know if you think that there is a mistake in this article, explaining what you think is wrong and why. We will correct any errors as soon as possible.

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